Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Party in Kindergarten

I left work a little early on Valentine's Day so that I could go to my daughter's kindergarten class and help with her class party. My task was to provide a snack for the kids, so I decided to make heart shape cookies, icing and sprinkles, candy hearts and M&Ms so the kids could decorate their own cookies.

I love going into my kids' classrooms and wish I could do it more, but since I work full time outside the home, I can only go a few times a year in the middle of the day. I do run a science club which meets once a month after school and I am grateful that I am able to do that with my early work schedule (6 am to 3 pm . . . perfect!).

As much as I love going into the classroom, every time I do, I am once again reminded of what great souls teachers are . . . to effectively deal with 20+ individual personalities (and not all easy ones) takes a special human being and all of teachers should be commended for what they do on a daily basis. And to think that teachers (along with other public sector employees) seemed to have become public enemy number one in this country in recent years . . . but I digress.

Margot was so proud and happy that I came to her party to provide the cookies and when the party was getting started by her teacher, Mrs. Spencer, she blurted out, "my mom MADE the cookies!" Her teacher let her table go to the cookie station first (there were also book, craft and game stations).

The other parent volunteers at the party seemed very impressed that I made the frosting from scratch . . . well, to me store bought frosting is practically inedible, but in case anyone does not realize this . . . making frosting is delightfully easy and quick . . . butter, powered sugar and milk . . . plus cocoa powder for chocolate frosting (a must) . . . it's a 10 minute operation. After I admitted to making the icing myself, one mother said, "but please tell me those are Pillsbury sugar cookies!"

"No," I said, "but I like making them." (And I do).

The kids seemed to enjoy them as well . . . but when you load a big heart cookie up with heaps of frosting, M&Ms and candy hearts, what's not to love?

The craft, game and book were also loads of fun for the kids and everyone had a great time . . .most of all, me.

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