Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Texture Tuesday; Snow Edition

This winter in central Indiana has been quite a snowy one so far. We had one snow storm that left behind about a foot of snow. Now, having grown up in New York State, I know that is not really a lot of snow, but it is a lot for central Indiana. In fact, the schools were closed for an entire week (my kids were quite happy because they ended up with a 3-week-long winter break). I still maintain that that was quite overboard and that they could have had school at least on Thursday and Friday, but no matter, because the missed days have to be made up at the end of the school year.

Of course, that snow melted away in the following warm, rainy days, but just when things were getting ugly and muddy and gloomy, we got a little more . . . 5 inches . . . not so bad. 

Anyway, I know that snow and cold is not for everyone, but it suits me just fine. I think that it makes everything look so much better in winter.

The photo above was textured with Kim's '1216' texture.

Below are a couple more winter scenery images that I chose to add some of Kim's textures to as well.

Happy winter!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fourteen in 2014

Kim Klassen has started up a list of fourteen in 2014 and invited her followers to participate as well. Sometimes I like these sorts of things and sometimes I don't, but one thing that I do know is if I write down some of my intentions, I often feel more motivated--or obligated--to follow through and do them, so here is my list:

  1. Create more family time, including going on small day trips, having more family game nights, etc.
  2. Get together with friends more often.
  3. Volunteer more. Sign up to be a butterfly monitor as well as volunteer or chaperone in the schools at least one time this year.
  4. Work a little harder at being inspired and motivated in my day job. Get something big(ish) done this year that makes a difference.
  5. Read more. I make a lot of excuses that I do not have time to read these day. Stop making excuses.
  6. Display photography publicly. Stop being a chicken about this.
  7. Explore more--especially spots I think are familiar. Find what else there is to find.
  8. Find a photography project or collaboration and participate fully. (This one is a stretch so it is okay if I don't find anything to do right away).
  9. Get more organized--just slightly.
  10. Stop sweating the small stuff.
  11. Finish some online classes that I started (at the very least, look at all the material and take in what is interesting and useful for me).
  12. Go on at least one trip without my family (this will be a yearly goal because it is very refreshing and important).
  13.  Submit photography (and writing) to publications (either online or print) . . . just see what happens. It's okay if I do not get anything accepted.

For my fourteenth item, I am listing my word for 2014. I have chosen a word and used it in a halfhearted way in the past, but I have to admit that even using the word halfheartedly yielded some results, so here is my word for 2014:

    14. DARE . . . .