Monday, May 6, 2013

i knew it was you from the thumbnail

I do hear it, sometimes, from my contacts on Flickr--that oh-so-nice and flattering phrase, "I knew it was you from the thumbnail." I do not know that if I can really say that is because I developed a style uniquely my own. I think, perhaps not. I think it might instead be because I shoot the same subject matter over and over again, often in the same manner and with similar editing techniques applied.

There are leaves . . .sometimes with frost.

There is oatgrass--almost always with a texture or two added.

There are flowers -- done the same way many times over and over, with simple backgrounds, texure and posed stems.

There are dandelions, of course.

 . . . and lone dandelions seeds.

There are water drops after the rains.

And there is morning dew.

These are my subjects--over and over again.