Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Texture Tuesday (on Wednesday): Free and Easy eDition

A brown leaf with a smattering of snow, quite heavily textured with a few of Kim Klassen's textures.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beyond Beyond: From Above

This is my 'from above' photo. I stood up on the dining room table with my tripod and my DSLR to shoot down on these tulips that I placed on a barn wood bench. My seven-year-old daughter saw me up on the table and said, 'Mom, if you get to stand on the table why do you tell me I'm not allowed to sit on the table when we are playing games'. I do not think she really cared for my explanation that it was for the sake of 'art'.


On another note, Kim posted some food for thought for us on the Beyond Beyond assignment post. She quoted from the book The Artist Way. This is not a book I have read; someday I will. The quote was about being a 'shadow artist' rather than a true artist--a shadow artist is one who hides in the shadows and a true artist is one who has the audacity to step out and ask to be seen. Kim asked which we were. For me, there is no question; I am a 'shadow artist'. In fact, the idea of calling myself an artist is hard for me to even consider. She asked if it is time to come out from the shadows? I have taken baby steps toward that, but still live in the shadows of the internet if I do anything at all toward being seen. When I am hiding behind the computer, it is easy to enter contests or post photos on selling sites such as Society6 and just wait and see what happens. Posting on Facebook is a bit harder but still easier than the idea of selling or displaying in  person--in real life.  I wish I had the nerve to walk into a local coffee shop, library, bakery, bookshop or other place that displays local photography and ask if they'd display my 'work', but even the thought of that makes me break out in a cold sweat!


The above image was processed with Lightroom, Photoshop, Rad Lab and a few of Kim's textures.