Friday, July 10, 2015

10 on 10: Raquette Lake, NY

For the past 2 weeks, we have been on vacation in my favorite place: Raquette Lake, NY in the central Adirondacks. I have been coming to this place my whole life for vacations and it holds a special place in my heart. A few years ago, my family made a major life decision and bought a second house in Raquette Lake. I thought of it as an investment but as far as a financial investment, it is not a great one. (Honestly, it causes some stress and I would never recommend to anyone to use property as an investment strategy). It is, however, an investment in my spirit, giving me a tangible connection to a place I love. Someday, we will live here at least for a good portion of the year.

My kids love it just as much, especially my son. The moment we walk into the house for our vacation, you can see his tension release. He is in his element with all the physical, outdoor activities: hiking where you can actually go up to the top of a mountain (that is not going to happen in Indiana!), kayaking, paddle boarding (a new activity we all loved), boating and tubing, swimming, etc.

And of course, I love the photography.

The early mornings are often misty.

But the sun will start to burn off the mist later in the morning.

The lakes and ponds have many water lilies:

Lush, green ferns are everywhere:

Waterfalls run through the forests:

Many hikes have tall fire towers on the top and I have become braver each year, making it to the top of even some of the tallest (I have a fear of heights that I am working to overcome).

And sunsets can be spectacular.

We head back home on July 11. I am always sad to leave, but know we will be back to our second home as soon as we can.

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