Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10 on 10: Maple Syrup Festival 2016

We went the Maple Syrup Festival this year. It was different than last year . . . a warm day for late February and no snow at all. This winter we had pretty much no snow, which is rather disappointing. 

Also this year there were no incidents like last year where I almost did not make it up an ice-covered hill because I followed directions on my GPS that took me on a road that is not maintained in the winter. Actually this time, Dave even found on the website for the festival a warning not to follow GPS and turn on that road :) 

The funny thing is I was telling my mother about going this year and also about going last year and told the story about getting stuck on the hill (last year) and she still seemed worried about it . . . even though it was a year ago . . . she wondered what I would have done if I had not finally made it up the hill . . . again, it was a year ago and I did make it up. Water under the bridge, right? I guess, though, I'd better consider myself lucky, and I do.

We had fun, of course. The festival was much more crowded, but we still had enough of an opportunity to enjoy ourselves with the activities:

We stayed overnight at the same hotel as last year and ate at the same restaurant as last year. My son, who prides himself on his memory (and he should) was a little bothered that before we showed up at the restaurant he did not remember it. But as soon as we walked in and saw the 'periodic table of pizza', he remembered everything :)

The next day, we 'forced' our kids to stop at a state forest (they just wanted to go get lunch and then go home), but, I mean, as you can see they had fun on the unseasonably warm February day in the woods:

I had fun, too.

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