Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Texture Tuesday: Free and Easy

Summer cone flowers. Textured with a couple of layers of Kim's texture '401' and one layer of 'steelish'.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Texture Tuesday: Free and Easy for the Summer

It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog or done any of Kim's challenges. I have been completely ignoring Beyond Beyond lately; I have not done any Texture Tuesday link up in weeks. I do not know why. I feel sort of unmotivated and, to be honest, that is eating me up because I have no right to not be motivated right now. I have had some completely amazing and inspiring experiences lately. Last year, I got to go to a Shutter Sisters event (Oasis) and this year, I was so lucky to be chosen (randomly) by the company I work for to go on a 2 week international volunteer trip. I went to Costa Rica just a few weeks ago. I volunteered in a nursing home and I met and connected with some amazing people. Both were wonderful experiences--all around--perfect, shall I say "magical". So now why am I feeling so uninspired? Why am I feeling so stuck? Why am I so unmotivated? Why am I NOT ready to take on the world?

Also, I am not depressed or anything like that. I'm perfectly content and I generally feel good about myself . . . I just lack a certain umpf lately, ya know?  Maybe I am just bored, but why should I be bored?  Or perhaps I am feeling guilty that I cannot hold onto the magic, to the passion after supposedly life altering experiences (which in the moment, they were) . . . life always just comes back to the mundane. Am I expecting too much?  . . . perhaps so.

I did not take a lot of great pictures in Costa Rica. I wish I had taken more and I wish I had not been so disappointed in the ones I did take, but still, that was not why I was there. Above are two (very similar, I know) images from the beach in a place called Manual Antonio. I textured them with a few of Kim's textures--different blend modes, different opacities--just for fun. I have been adding textures to fewer of my photos these days, but I still love the process of adding textures to photos.