Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Texture Tuesday: Free and Easy for the Summer

It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog or done any of Kim's challenges. I have been completely ignoring Beyond Beyond lately; I have not done any Texture Tuesday link up in weeks. I do not know why. I feel sort of unmotivated and, to be honest, that is eating me up because I have no right to not be motivated right now. I have had some completely amazing and inspiring experiences lately. Last year, I got to go to a Shutter Sisters event (Oasis) and this year, I was so lucky to be chosen (randomly) by the company I work for to go on a 2 week international volunteer trip. I went to Costa Rica just a few weeks ago. I volunteered in a nursing home and I met and connected with some amazing people. Both were wonderful experiences--all around--perfect, shall I say "magical". So now why am I feeling so uninspired? Why am I feeling so stuck? Why am I so unmotivated? Why am I NOT ready to take on the world?

Also, I am not depressed or anything like that. I'm perfectly content and I generally feel good about myself . . . I just lack a certain umpf lately, ya know?  Maybe I am just bored, but why should I be bored?  Or perhaps I am feeling guilty that I cannot hold onto the magic, to the passion after supposedly life altering experiences (which in the moment, they were) . . . life always just comes back to the mundane. Am I expecting too much?  . . . perhaps so.

I did not take a lot of great pictures in Costa Rica. I wish I had taken more and I wish I had not been so disappointed in the ones I did take, but still, that was not why I was there. Above are two (very similar, I know) images from the beach in a place called Manual Antonio. I textured them with a few of Kim's textures--different blend modes, different opacities--just for fun. I have been adding textures to fewer of my photos these days, but I still love the process of adding textures to photos.



  1. Sooo beautiful!!! Fantastic colors on the top one!

  2. Love these images! I guess we all feel unmotivated from time to time - all I can say is 'don't stress' - just enjoy not feeling under pressure to produce anything! Your get-up-and-go will return!

  3. So beautiful,......good work!

  4. I know exactly or think I do what you are feeling right now. I am pretty much right there with you if that helps. I so wish I could be inspired all the time but guess that is life and have to go with the flow. After all what else is there to do? You have done some amazing things this year. I wish I had really met you at Oasis, like your trip to Costa Rica you wished you had done more with your photography, well one of my wishes for Oasis was to have met more people. But instead I stayed with a group (a group I loved being with) but I think it prevented me from really meeting others there. We can't go back only forward so have to keep chugging along as your blog title says.

    Your images are lovely, with the textures and have a very warm feel to them and inviting.

    1. Thanks,Barbara. I wish we had met, too. I stayed in a group most of the time as well, but it was still wonderful. I am sure we will meet one of these days. I will go to the next event. I hope to see you there! I think it is hard to meet too many people, especially for introverts like me. Perhaps that is the same with you. It is okay, too. I love people, but need my space as well. I follow your blog regularly. All your images are wonderful!

  5. I LOVE these images! One of the nice things about textures is you can use them on so so photos (since you weren't too pleased) and they can be just fabulous.