Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Texture Tuesday

For Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.



  1. I'm right after you at Kim's. This is stunning in it's simplicity. Love it!

  2. Love!!! LOVE!!! Gorgeous photo and texture-work :)

  3. Hello, fellow classmate in the New Beyond Beyond. So excited for class to start! You texture art is lovely!!! I even visited your Society 6 shop...you have some great images there. I hope one day to open up a shop too. Maybe I could get some advice from you on this subject?

    1. Hi. I am looking forward to Beyond Beyond as well. Thank you for visiting my blog and for looking at my Society6 shop. If you do need any help with that, let me know--though it is really easy and virtually free . . . the website charges, I think, $1 to verify that you are a person, but other than that, you just start posting. That is the only website where anything of mine has ever sold. I don't do as much with it as I suppose I could (not much self-promotion, etc.), but I have sold items there and even though it does not amount to much money, I think it is nice that anyone ever even wanted to buy my items. Also even without selling, the website offers a nice community . . . you'll get comments and 'promotions' (which are equivalent to faves, etc.).

  4. So simple, but it packs a real punch! I like the desaturation.