Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Birds--A Series of Squares

My mother feeds the birds at her home in Poughkeepsie, NY. While I was there for Christmas, there were a couple of snowstorms that came in, and the birds always knew it-- they loaded up on bird seed before and during the storms. I took a series of bird photos that I edited into square formats.

I am thinking about trying once again to feed birds in my own backyard. I have done it before, but usually failed to keep the feeders full!


  1. Such a wonderful treasure of your time with your Mom. I love feeding the birds but found out I really can't do it here in desert. Too many other things come in the yard that I don't want. Oh the pleasure of living among the wild in the desert. Good and bad. I have loved these series of your birds. I hope you print these and would make wonderful cards. :)

  2. Just came over to take a peek, but I've enjoyed my visit very much. Love your photos and editing, so I will follow!

    Nice to meet you,

  3. These are wonderful bird pics! Thank you for sharing them!
    Reminds me that I need to fill our bird feeders today!

  4. These are wonderful, but I especially like the 4th one. Looking forward to getting to know you in the Beyond Beyond class.


  5. What gorgeous photos! I love birds too! You've inspired me to try to take some photos of them soon :) I found you via Kim Klassen and enjoyed visiting your blog!

  6. Your square bird photos are great. I love the background textures of the plants and the little splash of the bird in there. Very nice.