Thursday, June 21, 2012

Image for Beyond Layers Day 45

I did a challenge for Beyond Layers on the same day it came to my inbox!

Kim is keeping it a bit more light for the summer, which is welcome for me. It is not that I am too busy, but in summer, it is always more difficult to do projects and computer work because of the longer days, the growing lawn (though we have been in a drought and I have not mowed the lawn in weeks . . . but today, just now, we are getting a bit of rain--yay!) and the feeling that we need to be getting out as much as possible and should not be sitting in front of a screen so much.

For this exercise, Kim shared some of her favorite fonts and gave us a recipe and a few tips to follow in Photoshop. I followed the tips, but I could not help myself and I used Rad Lab on the image as well . . . not sure if I've become too dependent on that app--maybe, but I sure like Rad Lab.

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