Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beyond Layers, Day 47, Polaroid Love

This was a really fun exercise from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers. She shared some Polaroid frames for download and told us how to make 'fake' Polaroids :)

I edited this photo of my daughter using some presets in Lightroom and a couple of vintage color stylets in RadLab.

I think her scraped-up knee is a nice touch and adds to the feeling of summer, but she would probably disagree. She thinks she has a major wound!


  1. Popping over from the Beyond Layers did an AWESOME job with this project! I luvluvluv all your choices, including the font for "summertime". It's as if I've just opened an old photo album....

    Well done!

  2. so sweet!! i love the processing you choose - makes a great Polaroid! Nicely done.

  3. Well done! Like your processing and cute image of your daughter :)

  4. Love this shot, totally sums up childhood for me, especially with the scraped up knee! Love these polaroid images, so nostalgic!