Monday, January 23, 2012

Six Word Memoir

The assignment for Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers course for this week was sparked by an idea from Smith Magazine ( The assignment is to write a six word memoir. Below are several of mine.

These sentences are not exactly memoirs when I think of what memoirs are supposed to be: life stories. These are more like six word sentences about who I am or what I am like or how I think . . . and for this exercise . . . warts and all . . .

(I know I should write only one because that seems like the point of the exercise, but I went to the Smith Magazine site and I see people are writing more than one, so I decided I could, too.)

  1. I dwell on the greener grass.
  2. I'm still a nerd. Now proud.
  3. I'm not optimistic, but that's okay.
  4. Wanting to live simply. It's complicated.
  5. I am learning to like myself.
  6. I cannot explain myself in six words (see, told you.).
  7. Initials: BJ. It sucks. Pun intended.

(Okay, a little dirty on that last one . . . sorry . . . but having these initials did haunt me as an adolescent.)

I know mine aren't as positive as many others will be. It is true that I am not an optimist. I never have been and it's hard to change that part of me, so instead I try to work on how being pessimistic (or, actually, realistic) can be a positive trait . . . yeah, I'll keep working. You can roll your eyes if you want.

I do dwell on what I think of as other people's greener grass . . . all the time. This is something I am trying to stop. My life is good and it always has been. I just wish for things and often have trouble with how to make the things that I want happen. And if I do make something happen, it seems like it is never enough. Also, sometimes, I really don't even KNOW what I want.

I am learning to like myself and embrace my nerdy side.

Also I loved this exercise . . . more than I ever thought I would. Perhaps I am making progress.


  1. #6 and 7 have me literally laughing out loud! LOL

  2. WOW...#7 made me laugh out loud too!!!! I loved reading your post, maybe because I could relate. Your 6 word memoirs and your thoughts are so introspective, not only will you grow creatively but spiritually I think. Beautifully you, AWESOME. :)

  3. Ha, Ha, I also love your sixth one. And your photograph is wonderful.

  4. Oh my goodness, literally laughing out loud at 6 and 7. Love your sense of humor.


  5. Coming from Beyond Layers...I did the same as you, because just 6 words couldn't totally cover me - a mom to 2 geeks and 1 nerd, I loved how you determine to embrace that (pocket protector and all)!

  6. Thank you all for reading this and for your comments :)

  7. HA HA HA! Sooo funny! But I am impressed with ALL the ones you came up with, when here I sit completely stumped and cannot figure out what to say that'll cover my life in only six words! So, in my opinion, you are BRILLIANT! :-D

    Gorgeous photograph by the way. :)

  8. Gorgeous photo and I love your six word memoirs - 6 and 7 made me laugh too! I really relate to your post, very refreshing and honest. Look forward to sharing more of the Beyond adventure with you. :)