Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Enough

This was my image for one of Kim Klassen's challenges for the Beyond Layers course.


The challenge was 'just enough' and the idea was to not over process (which I have a tendency to do sometimes, especially since I discovered Rad Lab, PS Actions, Textures and Lightroom presets). Also part of the challenge was to be simple and 'light' in the composition and include plenty of white space. I think I succeeded more in the second part. I did still use Lightroom and then Photoshop (and Rad Lab) and then added 2 layers of Kim's 'Awaken' texture . . . one at soft light 100% and one at muliply 17% . . . so the overall image is still light but perhaps over-processed. Hopefully it does not look that way, though. It is hard to pull back on the processing when there are so many great processes and tools that can take a photograph in so many directions . . . where to settle is often very hard for me.

More about the image:

100mm. f/5.6. ISO 400. 1/180 sec.

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