Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 10 on 10: Annual Vacation in Raquette Lake

Time for my annual post about our trip to my home away from home: Raquette Lake, NY. About five years ago, Dave and I took a leap of faith and bought a house there even though we live 14 hours away in Indiana. We rent it out some over the summer and recently have a young couple renting for the winter season (which is helpful because we don't have to have it winterized and shut down in the winters). The rental income help a bit with offsetting the cost of the property, but I do not recommend properties as a money-making investment. Luckily, we did not buy the property to make money because we do intend to move there semi-permanently after we retire from our jobs, and it is a place we love. 

Keeping with tradition, our first hike was up Rocky--this is an easy 1/2 mile hike but the view is really quite amazing for such a short hike. 

Last fall, when I was out there (with Kim B :) ), I met a local photographer out in the field down by South Bay on Raquette Lake. He mentioned that he runs short workshops in the summer (sunrise or sunset workshops), so when I got to the area I stopped by his photo studio in Old Forge (check out  his work if you want: and arranged to meet up for a sunrise tour--for that I had to get up at 3:30 am, but it was worth it. 

Just the two of us went out  and he shot, too, so he did not charge me, but what a morning! The mist was perfect and he took me to a bunch of new places I had never been back on the snow mobile trails in Old Forge. (I don't think I'd try to go there myself yet because I am afraid I'd get lost back there).

 This year, there has been a lot of rain out there. Raquette Lake was higher than I ever remember seeing it. Also the streams and rivers were raging. They were fun to photograph.


The first week, we were out there, the weather was pretty rainy, but that did not stop us from getting out. Here is my brother and sister-in-law on top of Blue Mountain. Blue is the highest peak in the immediate area of Raquette Lake. We did not go on the best day because at the top, the view was completely shrouded with mist, but it is still a good memory.

The second week we were there, the weather turned pretty much perfect and our fun continued.

One day, a group of us went on a hike up to Peaked Mountain (this was one that I had never done before, but  now I think it might be my favorite hike in the area ... it took about an hour to get there, but it was well worth it). It follows a creek for much of the hike and then there is a short but pretty darn steep ascent to the top. The views are spectacular (and a little scary because it is another one of those summits that is basically just a ledge with a sheer drop down about 2500 feet).

Well, we are home in Indiana again, but I am looking forward to returning this fall.

This is part of the 10 on 10 blog circle. Please follow the circle to Kim Bajorek and see her post filled with the most beautiful portraits.

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