Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 10 on 10

This winter, so far, has been especially boring. We have gone back and forth from bitter cold, gray and windy weather to unseasonably warm and wet weather most of the winter. I like snow, so I am missing it this year and I have not been good at all about getting outside no matter what because it just seems like there is nothing to do (I sound like my kids). My motivation is not stellar at all. I am trying to at least get some rooms organized and cleaned up around the house, but often I just don't get started. Being lazy does not suit me well, unfortunately. 

As far as shooting, I have been as random as the weather and as inconsistent as my mood. At times I have found something nice outside, like the dried hydrangeas (still a typical subject for me):

Sometimes finding opportunities for abstracts from nature (lots of post-processing required): 

And other times 'forcing' an abstract indoors--just looking for something to do--by spraying flowers,  

panning on everyday objects and adding texture layers

or placing a water drop on my water resistant table-cloth. 


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  1. Wow - your images are so beautiful. I love the quiet feeling they give me. And your post prosessing is awesome, it doesn´t make me think post prosessing and that is a good thing ;-) I guess your mood must have been quite ok for creating such beauty :-)
    Love from Norway

  2. You are so creative and clever. Love all of these photos. I especially love the colors in the abstract images. So great!

  3. These are lovely - and always love your signature hydrangea shots.:) Happy weekend.

  4. Delicate beauty. I always see this in your work, Bonnie. Your heart speaks through your eyes and nature is lovingly there to assist! I was happy to see that you used a table cloth!! :) Means I can try something like that some time! I always love your work! <3