Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Texture Tuesday: Color Edition

I have been into creating these forest abstracts these days. I guess maybe I am looking for something a little different to do with all the bare, brown trees. Although some color was there in the originals, there is also added color through cross-processing and split toning in some cases. 

I don't mind bare trees nor do I mind winter, but I always welcome the change of seasons, too, so I am looking forward to spring. This year, spring seems to be coming later to central Indiana than in recent years. It's okay because it is worth the wait and it will come as it always does.


All of the below images were textured with various of Kim's textures that I have collected over time. 



  1. all are really fun Bonnie, love ICM so much and especially trees, very cool how you have changed the color.

  2. Such a fun idea for the Color theme. Very nice. :)

  3. Wonderful. My favorite is the bottom image. The colors go so well together.

  4. These are beautiful! When I first saw it, I thought it was hand-dyed fabric. How did you make them?

  5. great work! love it :) the colours on the first one are awesome