Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beyond Beyond Day 28

Once again, it has been a long time since I've done any exercises in Kim Klassen's Beyond Beyond class. Day 28 was about tweaking textures to our liking in Camera Raw. I appreciated this exercise because I did not know before that you could do this. The one problem is knowing this trick might lead to way too many textures in my files!

Often I do want to tweak a texture, but I usually end up doing that by clipping other adjustment layers (such as black and white or levels) onto the texture while I am editing the photo that I am applying the texture to. To do this tweaking in Camera Raw is much more convenient and there are many more options.

I used Kim's Frosted texture (upper left) and created three additional versions. There is something different about my copy of Photoshop and Kim's so I could not figure out how to use the crop tool to expand the canvas and add some spacing between the textures, but I decided that was not that important, so I left it alone.

Below is an image I layered with a couple of the textures that were newly created from Kim's original texture.