Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 64

I am really behind in Beyond Layers. I have skipped lots of lessons and exercises. I did not participate in the pieces of me scavenger hunt at all and as interesting as that sounded, I think I will skip that at this point.

I have not yet started on the shape exercises, but I do think that will be a valuable exercise and I want to do that. For me a lot of the problem is I only spend my free time (sometimes) doing photography (usually after work and when the light gets a little better) and I do not ever use a phone camera for spur of the moment photos. I don't have an iphone and my android devices does not have a good quality quality camera, so I don't see the point. I prefer to always use my dSLR and for that, I need to be a bit more deliberate. For certain, there is no taking photos at work or on the way home from work and such.

I can do the shape exercise in time  . . . the important thing is the idea and the understanding of what it can do is there.

Overall, I am realizing I have to relax about the Beyond Layers course and realize that, really, just reading the emails and prompts and watching the videos is enough. I have learned a lot  . . . so much about Photoshop that I never knew and even if I stopped now, it was well worth it . . . and on top of that, I've learned about myself.

I won't stop, but I will relax and do what I can . . .


For the above image, I used Kim's 'Jay' texture and followed a lot of her tips and tricks about masking. I did not need to as much with this as I would have if my image was different, but I really loved the backslash trick . . . that was helpful. How would I ever find out about that if it were not for Kim?



  1. hello lovely Bonnie.... I'm so happy you are feeling okay with your speed and progression in beyond... it's really all about just soaking it up, doing what you can do...when you can...... taking the pressure off is such a good idea....and what a lovely photo....very artful....

    thank you ... sweet you...xo, Kim

  2. I totally agree with Kim ... slow and steady wins the race. I don't think any of us has had time to do every single assignment so really no pressure. Do what you can when it inspires you and soaking up all the tips and videos is a good thing. You've probably absorbed much more than you even think you have.
    This piece ... Oh my it's stunning!! And when you think about it you have also achieved two of your shape studies already along with the texture from this week. You have circles AND converging lines so there ... bet ya didn't even think about that eh?
    I've studied this in photography already and it is an immeasurable help to creating balance in an image. We studied the old master painters in my camera club finding shapes in their paintings then onto the most famous photographers ... they're always there and you actually will start to go looking at all of your old work and see that all the images that feel comfortable have a balance of their shapes in them. Everything we see is to do with shapes using squares, triangles, rectangles and circles and converging lines. It's a matter of training your brain and eyes to see them. It's a great exercise overall.
    So, don't be too hard on yourself ... it will all fall into place when it needs to.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Joy xo